Digital display solutions supplier

We create unique, affordable, ultra-reliable digital signage solutions for any application.

About Us

Design and build the best possible solutions.

Industries that have applied our solutions: Retail, QSR, Hospitality, C-stores, Places of Worship, Salon & Spa, Restaurant & Bars, Automotive, Common Areas, Health & Leisure, Financial sectors and DOOH.

We work with most of the large screen manufacturers and integrate their products into indoor and outdoor furniture. The core strength of eDigital lies in its human resources and its knowledge bank.

Strategic partnerships with many of the best suppliers in the world have allowed us to grow together and give audiences new levels of engagement and real benefits to their experience.

What we do

Our solutions

- Digital Signage manufacturer & supplier
- Signage furniture manufacturer
- 2D & 3D Content Creation
- Content Management
- Cloud Signage Software
- Interactive Signage Solutions
- VR solutions

Our Process
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Strategy & Insight

We understand today’s retail context and the behaviors that shape purchase decisions. Market research and our proprietary insight models shape strategy to activate every touchpoint.


Big Ideas & Beautiful designs

Creativity that can transform a store into a story, creating an emotional response that will change behavior and deliver results.


Technology Innovation

Expectations of retail are being reset with every visit & every click, so we make tech, digital knowledge, and experience central to our development. When we propose an innovate solution we know that it can be made, even if it’s not been done before.


Design & Engineering

Architects, industrial designers and engineers bring real world experience to deliver retail-ready solutions. Our global teams are connected through cloud servers and work with state of the art engineering and simulation software to design, prototype, optimize value and minimize carbon footprint.


Software & Hardware

Our tech teams are proven in digital and physical technologies, experience design, VR and AR. They make sense of some of the most complex challenges in the creation of connected solutions across environments, channels, platforms and devices.


Production & Logistics

From one-offs to mass production, in our own facilities and through a supply-chain network of specialists partners, we manufacture across the country to deliver in stores all over South Africa


Digital Experience Design

From the initial strategy of combining digital and physical to the execution of compelling VR and AR experiences, EDigital’s team is on the leading edge of the future of retail.


Maintenance & Support

Retail is a demanding environment and however ready we are there will be breakages, RMA’s and theft. Our teams work to clear SLA’s and accessible though help-desks and via portals, to manage, maintain and repair. We track data to drive predictive maintenance and inform our development teams for future builds.



Our experienced specialists technicians work with our retailer partners to land in-store, conduct site surveys, and optimize logistics and installation. We roll out a schedule, and our service portals ensure our customers can know all that in real time.


Content & Data Management

Experienced and accredited in some of the biggest CMS platforms, we create and manage content and define award-winning CX. We can help you make sense of the data we collect in-store to define and measure KPI’s beyond sales and optimize experience.

My experience is what has shaped my skill-set

To this day, I'm proud of what I created, and continue to use my skills in consulting and brand development to help countless businesses succeed.


Spotify, Senior Designer

My responsibilities included branding, consulting, and creative direction.

Webflow, Senior Designer

My responsibilities included managing the brand designers and marketing team.

Apple, Senior Designer

My responsibilities included branding, consulting, and creative direction.

Airtable, Senior Designer

My responsibilities included managing the brand designers and marketing team.